Whether it is in the way a father holds his toddler son while racing through a subway station in the morning, the way a woman leans ever so slightly towards a man at a bar, or simply the hat someone has chosen  to wear on any given day,  I am fascinated by the distinctive mannerisms, body language, emotions, and style that make us individuals.   I have been watching people for as long as I can remember, taking a special interest in those who are immersed in their own thoughts or preoccupied with a specific task, unaware that they are being observed.  I take mental “snapshots,” carrying an image around in my head until I have a chance to recreate it.  I use collage to recreate these images using a vast collection of papers from a multiple of sources ranging from art supply stores to discarded scraps blowing about on the street.

My work will be on display at W@tercooler in Tarrytown during the months of April and May.